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Commencing in 1982 as a sub-group of a subsidiary of Hayleys, we are one of the seven main sectors of Hayleys Agriculture Holdings Limited, operating island-wide, engaging in improving the health and productivity of livestock, poultry and domestic animals. We market a range of animal health products from world renowned research and development companies including Elanco Animal Health (former Bayer), Hipra, Cargill-Provimi, Vetoquinol, Callier, Boehringer Ingelheim, CID Lines, BASF, IDEXX etc. Our product portfolio also includes a comprehensive pet care range to keep your pet companions healthy and happy. Our specialized inputs in the area of livestock nutrition, veterinary medicine and vaccines have brought and continue to bring greater professionalism to effective and profitable livestock farming.

The establishment of HayVet Laboratory in Kuliyapitiya has helped us fulfill a long-felt industry need for a specialized diagnostic laboratory.Through our professionals working at the HayVet laboratory, we provide essential diagnostic and testing services to the farmer community with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Quick analysis of animal feed and feed raw materials, poultry postmortem examinations, bacteriology and antibiotic sensitivity testing, water quality testing, ELISA testing for poultry diseases, PCR testing for poultry and swine diseases are few of the many such services offered.

Our commitment towards the industry of animal healthcare in Sri Lanka is improving the health and productivity of animals through the provision of most ethical, reliable and sustainable solutions, which is in turn beneficial to the consumers.

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Transcending the unique position through our wide portfolio of products and services related to animal healthcare in Sri Lanka.

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Transcending the unique position through our wide portfolio of products and services for animal healthcare in Sri Lanka.
HayVet Laboratory

HayVet Laboratory


Pannala Road


Contact No: 037-2282182

Dr. S. Mallawa Arachchi - 077 787 0363

Dr. Eeshan Weerasinghe - 077 772 3105

Dr. Dinusha Perera - 077 697 1100

Dr. Chathura Priyadarshana - 077 657 0457

Feed and raw material analysis using NIR Technology

Free consultation services

Feed ration formulation


Culture and ABST

Mycotoxin analysis (quantitative)

ELISA (for poultry diseases)

Water-Bacteriological (MPN) analysis

Milk Pregnancy Tests for Goat, Cattle and Buffalo

Rapid Pregnancy Test (Blood base) for Goat, Cattle and Buffalo

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