Bestmin Gold

  • Sizes – 600g pack, 1.2 kg pack, 24kg pack
  • Uses/Indications – Ensures improved fertility and healthy calves and improves milk production.
  • Dosage30 g / per cow / buffalo per day to be mixed in feed. 0.5 – 1% in feed or as directed by an animal nutritionist.
  • Compositions – Fortified with By pass Methionine Complex
    Each 1.2 kg has nutritional value of:
    Calcium 255g, Phosphorus 127.5g, Magnesium 6g, Manganese 1.5g, Iron 1.5g, Iodine 325 mg, Copper 4.2g, Zinc 9.6g, Cobalt 50mg, Sulphur 7.2g, Potassium 100mg, Sodium 6g, Selenium 10 mg, Vit A 700000 IU, Vit D3 70000 IU, Vit E 250mg, Nicotinamide 1000 mg

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