• Size – 75 g
  • Uses/ Indications – Completely covers the wound & can be applied without damaging the wound tissue Contains a proprietary carrier that helps the protective formula to adhere to the skin, so it stays where it is needed Allows the wound to oxygenate (breathe) which is essential for good wound healing, forms a protective barrier Against micro-organisms, dirt, ies, other insects & for teat ends in dry cows only
    Post castration Post dehorning post operative care
  • Dosage – A superficial application on the wounds once or twice daily. For optimal result wounds should be cleaned, disinfected & sutured if necessary before the application. or As directed by Veterinarian
  • Composition – Neomycin sulphate I.P. Eq. to Neomycin 3400 unit, Polymyxin B sulphate USP Eq. to Polymyxin 5000 unit, Bacitracin zinc I.P. Eq. to Bacitracin 400 unit, Excipients q.s.

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