Ailanvit Oral

  • Size – 200 ml
  • Uses/ Indications – Proper growth and development in growing and active pet, proper physical growth and tissue repair, growth and development of nervous system in puppies and kittens, promote vitality and strengthn dogs and cats physical condition, nutritional defficiency disorders, healthy and lutrous coat
  • Dosage – Can be given directly into the moouth or mixed with food or water, dog 20 kg onwards 5 ml twicw a day, cat 5 kg onwards 1.5 ml twice per day, birds- 3-5 ml in 1 l of water
  • Composition – Each 5 ml cotains, Vit A – 1800 IU, Vit B1- 2 mg, Vit B2- 1.5 mg, Vit B6- 0.3 mg, Vit B12- 0.025 mg, Vit D3- 250 IU, Folic acid- 0.050 mg, Niacinamide 10mg, Calcium 75 mg, Phosphorus 55mg, Copper 0.050mg, Manganese 2mg, Cobalt 0.020 mg, Iron 1 mg, Iodine 0.060mg, Magnesium 3mg, Sodium 7 mg, Chloride 10 mg, Insitol 4 mg, DHA 0.2 mg, Protein 300 mg

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