Proviboost Syrup

  • Size – 200 ml and 500 ml
  • Uses/ Indications – To support vital body functions and general activity, To enhance natural immunity, To improve skin and hair condition, To overcome stress and depression, To correct anorexia, during pregnancy in dogs and cats
  • Dosage – Puppies: 5 ml twice a day orally, Dogs: 10 ml twice a day orally, Cats: 2.5 ml twice a day orally, Birds: 10-15 ml per 100 birds or as directed by the veterinarian. Give directly into mouth or mix in food or water.
  • Composition – Each 10 ml contains: Arginine: 6 mg, Histidine: 2mg, Isoleucine: 5 mg, Leucine: 15mg, Lysine: 20mg, Methionine: 9 mg, Phenyl alanine: 5 mg, Threonine: 5mg, Tryptophan: 5mg, Valine: 5mg, Vitamin E:6mg, VitaminB1: 5mg, Vitamin B2: 2mg, Vitamin B3: 20mg, Vitamin B5: 4mg, Vitamin B6: 1mg, Choline:30mg, Vitamin B12: 2mcg, Vitamin C: 30mg, Folic Acid: 40mcg, Biotin (Vitamin H): 50 mcg

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