Antick 10%

  • Size – 5 ml, 10 ml, 1 l
  • Uses/ Indications – Antick is active against: Flies, lice, fleas and ticks of Cattle, horse, sheep, goat, swine, dogs and poultry
  • Dosage – Cattle, horse, sheep, Goat, swine, dogs- 1ml/1L of water Whole body spray, Poultry – 5ml/1L of water for 50 birds Whole body spray or on litter, Buildings and lodgings: Prepare a solution of 10 ml of Antick /1 L of water. Spray the
    areas at the rate of 5 L /100 m² of surface.
  • Composition – Cypermethrine 10g, Solvent and emulsifying vehicle,q.s – 100ml

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