Champrix Twin Pack

  • Sizes – Vitamin premix 15Kg, Mineral premix 15Kg (pack of 30 Kg)
  • Uses/Indications – Nutritional Supplement
    Increases the egg production, Increases the growth in both layers/ broilers
    Reduces the mortality, Maximum benefit from the vitamin requirement due to individual packing
  • Dosage – 1 kg of Vitamins
    1 kg of Mineral
    2 kg per one metric ton of feed for commercial
    layers, Breeders and Broilers
  • Compositions – Primix is a highly enriched vitamin and mineral supplement meticulously formulated to enhance the nutritional profile for animals. In each kilogram of Primix, the vitamin composition includes Vitamin A (10,000,000 I.U), Vitamin D3 (3,000,000 I.U), Vitamin E (30,000mg), Vitamin K3 (3,000mg), Thiamin (2,500mg), Riboflavin (10,000mg), Niacin (30,000g), Pantothenic acid (12,500mg), Pyridoxine (3,500mg), Cynacobalamin (20,000mcg), Biotin (100,000mcg), Folic Acid (1,500mg), Methionine (30%), Lysine (20%), and Calcium (10%). The mineral content in Primix per kilogram comprises Choline Chloride (125,000mg), Iron (40,000mg), Manganese (100,000mg), Copper (12,000mg), Zinc (60,000mg), Iodine (1,500mg), and Selenium (200mg). This meticulously balanced formulation ensures optimal nutrition, promoting overall health and performance in animals.

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