G Promin

  • Sizes – 50ml Bottle, 100ml Bottle, 500ml Bottle, 5L Can
  • Uses/Indications – Formulated for broilers to pep growth during the fourth week, to maximise body weight and to minimise stress and leg weakness.
    Also facilitates uniform growth, high egg production and quality, overcomes fluctuations in production and stress in layers and breeders.
  • Dosage – For broilers: 10-15ml per 100 birds.
    For layers and breeders: 20ml per 100 birds.
  • Compositions – Each 500 ml Contains: Methionine Activity 127.6g, Lysine Hydrochloride 63.125g, Choline Chloride 63.125g, Sodium 459mg, Phosphorus 154.87 mg, Magnesium 595.4mg, Zinc 215.7mg, Iron 223.4mg, Copper 158.8mg, Cobalt 206.25mg, Manganese 384.55 mg

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